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The Podiatry Clinic At Orange Grove

The. Podiatry Clinic at Orange Grove Plaza , is here to help with prevention and treatment of “ Diabetic Foot “

What Is Diabetic Foot?

High blood sugar levels lead to a damage of the blood vessels and the nerves of the feet. Over a period of time, this damage leads to a decreased sensation in the feet. Along with this, diabetes also leads to a decreased ability to fight infection. When these add up, the patient is at a higher risk of damage to the feet.

Often, patients have ulcers on the feet. These ulcers take a long time to heal as the immunity system of a diabetic is compromised. Added to that, any antibiotic medication prescribed cannot reach the ulcer due to decreased blood flow.

These wounds and ulcers take a lot of time to heal and in some cases, lead to amputation of the feet.

With such high risk factor involved, it is important for every diabetic to get a periodical foot exam.

Symptoms Of Diabetic Foot Include:

Upon the first appearance of a wound on the feet, it is important for a person with diabetes to consult a podiatrist. This is because diabetic foot ulcer is a serious diabetes complication.

Foot And Leg Ulcers And Gangrene

The podiatrist or nurse at Orange Grove will dress feet ulcers and cuts to keep clean and remove infections . Treatment with a silver medications, honey or even green papaya , can help to stop bacteria spreading .

But Orange Grove also offers foot and leg ozone bagging , which, with a series of alternate day treatments, of half an hour per day, for 8-10 days combined with clean dressings , can kill bacteria to prevent amputations .

Ozone heals wounds faster. It is non-toxic, safe, and effective even for antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Limb bagging is a technique that has been in use for years and is especially useful with impaired circulation in diabetic legs, thereby removing the threat of amputation.

The Ozone’s anti-microbial effects have been found to be quite effective for treating infections of the skin and nails in clinical research. Fungal infections of the nails have responded better to ozone treatment than standard medical treatment. Skin ulcers show a significant improvement with this therapy.

Limb Bagging helps in treating many infections like diabetic ulcers, fungal nail infections, athlete’s foot, Tinea versicolor, bacterial infections, and other wounds.

Severe leg infections and the onset of Gangrene affects the limbs of diabetic patients many times.

In the Limb Bagging technique, the affected area, covered with an air-tight bag, is then filled with ozone. This circulation of ozone kills bacteria and viruses thereby reduces the inflammation of the affected area.

The sooner any cut or fungal growth on you feet are treated the better the outcome

Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetic Neuropathy is also a cause factor in Diabetic foot , this means the nerves in the foot are damaged with too high levels of glucose in the blood ….uncontrolled blood sugar !

What are some of the signs of diabetic neuropathy?

Once any of these symptoms appear a SCAN of the feet can be done to check on damage .

Since nerve damage might occur over a prolonged period of time, symptoms might be mild in the beginning and get worse

What Is Diabetic Neuropathy And Its Effect On Diabetic Foot?

Disorder of the nerves due to diabetes is called diabetic neuropathy.

Most people with diabetes have some form of neuropathy.

Neuropathy is caused when patients have high blood sugar levels for a prolonged period of time.

It also caused due to smoking and alcohol abuse.

Since nerve damage might occur over a prolonged period of time, symptoms might be mild in the beginning and get worse

Recent treatment for neuropathy has been focused on RED

Whole body , or feet only, red light therapy is available at the Medi Spa at Orange Grove Plaza .

Red light therapy is advantageous, over other neuropathy treatments because red light is noninvasive, drug-free, and has minimal side effects. Additionally, it can be used multiple times until the desired results are reached

Like all holistic treatments , one session will only start to address the problem

Booking Six to Ten treatments over a few week is the best way to produce results

In some instance the Foot Neuropathy can cause pain

The Infrared Medical Sauna at Orange Grove Plaza can help to relieve this .

Chat to Dr Alisha, our Lifetime Coach and Diabetes Doctor, and she will suggest the best course of treatment for your symptoms

Is Infrared Light Good For Diabetics?

“Infrared energy is known to increase local circulation and improve cellular oxygenation. Since diabetes has such a profound effect on the circulatory system, infrared is one treatment that has generated a lot of interest and study recently.”

BUT …CONTROL OF YOUR BLOOD SUGAR. by changes in what you eat and how you exercise … plus regularly taking your diabetes medications are the NUMBER ONE , TWO AND THREE ways to stop all the neuropathy and ulcers and pain from happening

There is currently no way to reverse diabetic neuropathy, although scientists are working on future treatments. For now, the best approach is to manage blood sugar levels through medication and lifestyle changes. Keeping glucose within target levels can reduce the risk of developing neuropathy and its complications, and making use of some of the holistic options , and creams and medications to help to relieve the symptoms .

Once diagnosed with Diabetes regular appointments with the Podiatry Clinic at Orange Grove should become part of your footcare routine

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